Experience the excitement of Polynesia, as the "Island Fire" show takes you on a magical journey through some of the islands of the South Pacific featuring songs and dances from Tahiti, Hawaii, Tokelau, New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa. From the graceful hula, to pulse-pounding drums beats, to romantic ballads and island dancing culminating in the spectacular fireknife dance of Samoa, you'll be transported to the wonderment of a tropical paradise. Island Fire's remarkable performers bring to life the history, culture, costumes, and traditions of Polynesia, highlighted by their world champion Samoan Fire Knife Dancer. Let us share the best of Polynesian entertainment with you as we escape to the exotic destinations we call home.....



  • Island Fire Basic Package
  • Aloha Package
  • Island Package
  • Polynesian Package
  • Hawaiian Singer  Package
  • Fireknife Dancer  Package
  • Lei Greeter Package