Island Fire Gift Shop



29. Galu Afi
$35 (non-fiction)

(fiction) $35

2013 Samoa
Calendar $15

Samoa -
 A historical novel $40

Cards and Posters  Posters (11x14 inches) Cards (5x7 inches)

Beach $5

Fish hook $5

Fish $5

Flowers in Sunrise $5

Koi fish $5

Koi fishes $5

Music notes $5

Turtle $5

Turtle and flower $5

Taulima weave $5

Dragon $5

Tropical flower card
 $2.00 each

Assorted Plumeria cards
$12 for 8 cards


Clothes and Accessories

T-Shirts come in are available in
Men and Ladies M, L and XL.

Tell us your show shoe size

Blue shoes $40

Black Hightops $50

Pink shoes $40

Red shoes $40

Black High Heels $60

Blue and Yellow $40.00

Samoa T-shirt Black print on white t-shirt $20

 Samoa T-shirt
 White print on blue t-shirt $20


 Woven placemats $24
for set of a dozen

 Nesting baskets $30
for set of three

 Hand basket $15

 Tanoa (hand carved wood bowl) with toothpick or dipping sauce attachment $100

Rubber ball $3 each or 2 for $5

Woven handbag $15

 Pick Flowers $5 each
 or 3 for $12

Clip Flowers $5
 each or 3 for $12

Woven Laufala Christmas ornament $3 each

 Taulima with
 hand-painted flowers $6

Lined woven basket $20

Salu lima
(coconut frond broom) $10

Koko Samoa (pure Samoan cocoa) $10

Colorful $100

Orange and purple braid $150

Sunrise swirl $150


The shoes are custom order right now. Pick pick the color and the size. The t-shirts are available in Men and Ladies M, L and XL.

Please provide the following contact information: and product wanted and we will contact you for the order and payment information

Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone  
Home Phone  

Product Information
Type In Product that you are
inquiring about, Shirt Color or Shoe Size
Needs to be Included.